Garnet, a cooperative of artistic production, Turnov has more than sixty years of tradition in the production of jewelry with Czech garnets in Turnov and the Czech Republic. The then cooperative was formed by the unification of smaller private goldsmith companies in 1953. At that time, the cooperative's workplaces were located in various places in the near and far vicinity of Turnov, such as Český Dub, Dolní Bousov, Lomnice nad Popelkou and Rovensko pod Troskami. Due to the fragmentation of establishments and workshops, the construction of a new operating building in Turnov na Výšince began in 1957. Two years later, production began to be concentrated in new premises. In Turnov na Výšince, a new production complex was created, which was the basis of today's Granát Turnov cooperative.

In 1961, the teams Granát, d.u.v. Turnov and Precious Turnov. The Garnet team made jewelry, Precious teamed gem grinders. The new cooperative, which bore the name GRANÁT, a cooperative of artistic production, Turnov, thus ensured the production not only of silver and gold garnet jewelery, but also of the production of faceted gold and silver jewelery with natural and synthetic stones.

Garnet, d.u.v., Turnov is today the largest producer of original jewelry with Czech garnets. In order to ensure a sufficient amount of raw material for Czech garnet, the Granát Turnov cooperative became the owner of a permit for the extraction of raw material, which was the only one issued to it in the Czech Republic by the Most Mining Authority. To this end, the cooperative became the owner of the only mines for the extraction of garnet raw material, which are located in Podsedice in the Litoměřice region and in the Vestřev locality in the Trutnov region. With this investment, the Granát Turnov cooperative has secured for many years the security of obtaining the unique raw material that is essential for our production.

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