Our wish is that you can enjoy jewelry made by us for as long as possible, so we use only the highest quality materials and precious stones from around the world. It is important for us that for your money you receive a very well-crafted piece of jewelry exactly according to your ideas, with a quality comparable to the world's most prestigious manufacturers.
Thanks to our rich experience of working with PLATINUM, we also make jewelry from this precious metal, then from 18 ct and 14 ct GOLD, SILVER, PALLADIUM, TITANIUM and now also from TANTALUM and ZIRCONIUM.
We make jewelery by hand directly in our studio in Benešov.
Every stone in our jewelry is carefully selected and set by hand. When working with precious stones, we use the most modern technology, which enables high accuracy and quality of stone setting.
No piece of jewelry will leave our workshop until it reaches a high standard of workmanship based on years of experience and honest craftsmanship.
For each piece of jewelry from our workshop, you will receive a certificate with a detailed description of the piece of jewelry and the stones set in it, which states, among other things, that the piece of jewelry was made in our workshop. We attach a stone certificate from one of the renowned international laboratories (GIA, HRD ...) to larger diamonds and precious stones.

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