Wedding rings are one of the rarest and also the most used jewelry that you will buy in life. Therefore, it is advisable to perfectly adapt the material, shape and overall appearance of the rings to your taste and lifestyle.
We produce wedding rings directly in our studio in Benešov, so we can make them exactly according to your ideas. If you do not choose from our designs, we will be happy to prepare an original design and a pattern that you can try before ordering the rings.
We make each pair of wedding rings to measure according to the customer's wishes. You can choose the width, thickness and profile of the rings, the number, size and type of stones used and the way they are inserted. As well as the final surface treatment of the rings in various types of matte or gloss.
We produce wedding rings from 14kt and 18kt white, yellow, pink and red GOLD, PLATINUM, PALLADIA, SILVER, TITANIUM and now also from TANTALUM and ZIRCONIUM. Metals can be combined in rings in various ways. We will be happy to recommend which metal to choose for your rings.
I carefully select all the diamonds and precious stones in the wedding rings made in our workshop and place them personally.
To make an appointment for the production of wedding rings, please call +420 777 840 313.
Luděk Klápa, G.G. - Goldsmith / Faser / GIA Graduate Gemologist
Although we prefer your personal visit and our jewelry is made as originals or in very small series, we offer the opportunity to order some of them online or by phone according to the number in the gallery. If you are interested in this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.
For each pair of wedding rings from our workshop, you will receive a certificate with a detailed description of the rings and the stones set in them, which states, among other things, that the rings were made in our workshop. We attach a stone certificate from one of the renowned gemological laboratories (GIA, HRD ...) to larger diamonds and precious stones.
No piece of jewelry will leave our workshop until it reaches a high standard of workmanship based on years of experience and honest craftsmanship.

All wedding rings in this gallery were made by Luděk Klápa.


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